Why it would have to be Keeley…


Whilst I was starting to write Tapeworm Slim, I was pondering what my antagonist Sahara Scarseed would look like. Then, as I often do in my dereistic thinking time, I began to picture her if someone made a film of my book.

In fact I often picture things purely from a filmic/trailer point of view. Or I imagine scenes playing out in my head like I am watching a film for inspiration.

The episode Time Heist had already aired when I started my book. I had my characters and was busy building them. One day, as I sat at home eating a pizza and catching up with old episodes of Doctor Who, I watched Time Heist again because I have a rather large crush on Keeley and think she is superb. I have watched her in Spooks and Ashes to Ashes and even have a talking Lara figure which has her beautiful voice recorded on it.

In Time Heist, she plays Ms Delphox who works at the bank of KaraBraxos. She is a cold, selfish and utterly monstrous woman concerned only with her wealth.

She has much in common with Sahara Scarseed.

Although Keeley smiles a lot and plays quite a sexy and powerful woman, Scarseed is depicted as hollow and emotionless. Yet the way Keeley looks, the design of Ms Delphox, is something that just got me and I thought “If I ever get Scarseed to screen, Keeley will play her!”

I’m no JK Rowling. My book hasn’t sold millions of copies and I can hardly bargain a casting demand with a film studio. Yet I can dream. I can imagine what my creation would look like on screen.


So, if ever  do make it to the film world and become involved with making a film of my book, this is the first and only time I need to put it on record that Keeley HAS to be Sahara. In fact, thinking about it, trim away the snide flippancy of Delphox and she looks perfectly like her! Dye the hair black, takeaway the glasses and the tall, elegant and deadly snake in a silk suit I envisaged is all there!

Sigh…… I need to become a millionaire multi seller of my literature first. Then I need to convince my favourite actress of all time to star in a horror film about a diet plan gone wrong and a doctor who creates mad, horrific and a nightmare vision inside a medical facility.

Oh, and she needs to sign up for parts 2 and 3 as well.

Like I said, I am dreaming and living in a world of delusion but, when I was writing much of Sahara, I saw Keeley dressed in the role and heard her voice through the words on my page. She can play beautiful and cold. Arctic and venomous and she is just wonderful. I’ve even collated 3 autographs of Keeley Hawes (as Delphox) around the house because every time I see her it inspires me to push on with my trilogy and I can envision a flesh vision of my most perfect villain of all time.

So, bit of a rambled blog really! Just had to put another piece of this journey down as I continue the story of Tapeworm Slim.

If you happen to read the book, then see what you think in your head of what the pulchritudinous lady who is the worst thing in humanity would look like. And if you don’t read the book, at least check out the early series of Spooks, Ashes to Ashes and the episode of Doctor Who called Time Heist.

I may not convince you to read my book about a horror story involving a new medication which will lose you five stone in two weeks, but I can at least encourage you to check out one of Britain’s finest actresses.

As I start on part 2, which may contain a little less Scarseed as two new villains are rising from the mess Scarseed has created, I know that when I come to writing the first words for Sahara I shall have the image of Keeley Hawes as Ms Delphox in my head!

TAPEWORM SLIM is available now on Amazon and Kindle.k




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